The Golden Reign: Queen Elizabeth I

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My name is Emma and I go to Holman Middle School. I am making this website because in my English Class we are doing a research project about a famous person. We then have to make a website telling all about the person we choose. I have gathered information from three  I choose Queen Elizabeth I because I had done a research project on Mary Queen of Scots and learned a little about her. I found her very interesting so I told myself the next time I got to do a research project i would do it on her.

Time Line: Elizabeth's Life

Richmond Palace: This is where Queen Elizabeth I died

Elizabeth was born on September 7, 1533. She was the daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. On November of 1558 her step-sister died and Elizabeth became queen at age twenty-five. One of the plots to assassinate Queen Elizabeth was from her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots. In the year 1568 Mary fled to England. Then for nineteen years Mary was Elizabeth's prisoner because Mary was the focus of the rebellion. Then she was trialed, found guilty for treason, and then executed. In the 1588 there was a storm which helped the English Navy score a win against the Spanish Armada which had around 130 ships. On March 24, 1603 Queen Elizabeth died at Richmond Palace at the age of 69. After she died James VI of Scotland became King James I of England.    

Description: Queen Elizabeth What people though of her

People though many things of Queen Elizabeth I. Many painters respected her by painting her. In these paintings Queen Elizabeth would usually  wear gold and silver. Queen Elizabeth was remembered to be a Queen who supported her people. Her sharp wits and clever mind helped the country through tough times with politics and religious troubles. Her reign also known as the Golden Age. Not everyone liked her though, there was many rebellions against her when she was Queen, mostly towards the end of her reign. Like one of her favorites Robert Deveteaux who she had sent to Israel to deal with a rebellion, but when he came back he stared his own rebellion. He was executed in 1601 for treason.   

Cause and Effect: Helping England Through Tough Times

This is the English Navy versus the Spanish Armada

Queen Elizabeth Helped her country through tough times.  She helped England because when she was Queen she made England a wealthy place by trading with other countries. Also she helped England because for most of her  reign she avoided war with France and Spain.  In 1588 the English Navy scored a win against the Spanish Armada who wanted to over through Queen Elizabeth because, Philip II though he had claim to the throne because he had been married to Queen Mary. One other reason she helped her country is when Mary Queen of Scots fled to England she was trying to become Queen and ruin England. This is part of a letter Elizabeth wrote to Mary while she kept her prisoner, "You have planned to take my life and ruin my kingdom... I have never proceeded so harshly against you."

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