fifa coins According to this requirement, the Chinese Football Association has asked the Football Association should reply on March 31

fifa coins According to this requirement, the Chinese Football Association has asked the Football Association should reply on March 31, the local sports Bureau views to the Chinese Football Association. And now this deadline less than two weeks. Due to interest in bidding for the provinces generally undertake the prospect on the games, including market development potential, evaluate site hardware conditions, so for two weeks was very nervous. World Cup watch what line? Guangcai enough! I have to comment – yesterday, this newspaper launched the "me complaining, adidas t shirt shoes and so you get" interactive column, reader participation. Following is highlights complaining than Brazil's World Cup, I feel Super old and a very old kind, at least you don't have to stay up to watch the match-fixing. Last night and bought Croatia know arm twist, but the thighs do not? FIFA is the biggest bookmakers, said Brazil was 1.5 by 1.5, and then give you some foreplay and let Croatia advanced a ball, and then talk a bunch of people came in.

Also depressed of also has Hahn, that following Milutinovic yihou came to China of Netherlands coach, cheerfully to on this block mystery of land, with bursting of confidence to in this block land Shang Spurs, no thought of is, with used has career players of he, encountered of is as preschool children like is not career of players, ought to is players himself down grasp training of things, have hands-on to carefully taught, haenxiang with group just enlightenment of students from Ya Ya learn language taught up, and he of front is Magic coach Milutinovic by created of a seat peak , Led the Chinese team out of Asia for the first time. Milutinovic was a tactician of high wisdom, his Ethereal always play a huge role at the critical moment of thinking, is not a solid team, a ship, and brought them to the World Cup tournament, although the roadside wildflowers in the World Cup were blown away by wind and rain, but no matter how badly he is the first Chinese football. He and no let team reborn, but he of happy football, let China football can easily face all pressure, as long as see a see China Olympic of soldiers defeated, Shen xiangfu as doue as sad sad earnestly of eyes, we only will full was, happy for a warriors for, is how of important, it is people face Cliff Shi of courage and pillar, contest current, dang Milutinovic with players with football Dang tennis playing, play play Shi, Shen refers to in FA of instruction Xia, prevent clinging to, closed training, dang retreat out, Poor boys was being held, I do not know the Han, Wei and Jin, standing on the football field, such as night spectre, blankly wonder dream where, in such a State of war, how can you have flowers in dense fruit, that is truly a miracle.