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Winning a Lawsuit: What Happens Next?

The legal system in America allows citizens to get arbitration for their grievances through civil court. A person or organization can file a lawsuit against another party for whatever grievance, so they can ask as impartial third party (the court) to make an assessment based on current laws. For example, say you were injured in an accident because you slipped and fell in a restaurant because they did not properly maintain the floors and did not put up signs. If you are injured so severely that you had to be hospitalized and could not work, you can file a lawsuit against the restaurant so you can force the court to give you some money for your bills.

If you win and the amount is very large, you might get a structured settlement. That means instead of getting the amount in one lump sum, you get it in periodic payments. See, the restaurant might not have that cash on hand and they (or their insurance company) can go bankrupt if they have to pay you and you might end up not getting money at all. But, if you need the cash now, you might be asking “Can I sell my structured settlement?” Of course you can, but be prepared to lose some of the value to fees.

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