The Call Of The Wild - Jack London


The story happend in two places: it began in Santa Clara Valley, California. It continued in Skaguay, Alaska. It happend in 1897.

Identity Card

Character details:

Name: Buck
Weight: 24 kg
Height: 56 cm
Job: Sled dog
Hobbies: Play with Miller's grandchildren.
Favorite Food: Fish
Thing he likes least: he dosn't like to argue with other dogs.
Dream for the future: to be the leader of the sled team.


The conflict in my story was when Buck fighting with Spitz, Spitz attacked Buck first but Buck immediately understood what was happening. For a while would hate between Buck and Spitz, because both of them wanted to be the leader of the sled team. Finally, Buck was killed Spitz and become to the leader of the sled team.

In my opinion, nothing could solve this situation, because even if I solved this situation, was still hate between Buck and Spitz, and this hate eventually lead to the same  result... Still the must fair is to doing a competition between two dogs.


The high point in my story, was when Buck almost died and a man named John Thornton  saved Buck and treated him. Over time, Buck and John became very close friends. They would do anything for each other. The highest and saddest point in the story was when John, the only man that Buck really loved in his life was killed by a "Yeehats". At this point Buck felt so empty. Buck was so furious, that he killed some of the Yeehats. After that, Buck ran into the forest to his wolf brother that he found before, and lived there as a leader of the wolves. By the way, since then, there is one place in the forest where the Yeehats never go. They believe that an "evil spirit" lives there (Buck).

By: Moshe Asulin.

Submitted to: Ariel Friedman

Filing date: 7/6/2015

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