A tort is a wrongful act without contract, where a person is harmed or injured due to a health care provider failing to meet the expected standards of care. Many types of torts can lead to legal action, some of torts include:

Assault & Battery

Assault and battery are closely related and often used together. Assault includes threat or attempt to injure and battery is unlawful touching without ones consent. This may include treating a patient in a way they refused permission or rough handling a patient.

Invasion of Privacy

There are two types of invasion of privacy, physical and informational. Physical includes unnecessarily exposing a person while informational is telling personal information without ones consent.


Abuse includes any care that results in physical pain, harm, or mental suffering/pain. You can abuse a person four different ways including: physical, verbal, psychological and sexual.

Physical abuse includes hitting, holding a person down, keeping them from food or water, and/or not providing physical care.

Verbal abuse is speaking harshly, cursing, shouting, being racist, and/or writing threats.

Psychological abuse is threatening to harm, denying ones rights,and/or threatening to reveal personal information.

Sexual abuse includes any sexual act, using sexual gestures, and/or suggesting sexual behavior, even if the patient is willing.

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