Our Atmosphere

- Alex Rodriguez P1

Our Atmosphere Is Very Important And We Take It For Granite, Everyday We Polute It With Co2 Mainly From Electricity. When We Polute It Then It Can't Do It's Jobs. What Are The Atmosperes Jobs? I'll Tell You.

One of the Atmospheres jobs is protecting us from the Sun because the Sun sends super hot rays to Earth. The layer that protects us from the Sun is the Stratosphere (O-zone)

You Can Remember This Layer Blocks The Sun Because Stratosphere Starts With S.

Our Mesosphere layer of our Atmosphere protects us from meteors and space junk that comes from outter space.

The Troposphere is the layer that keeps in most of our gases that te breathe. This layer is where we live and where we breathe.

The Atmosphere Is Actually Very Small Compared To Earth

If Earth Was A Bowling Ball, The Atmosphere Would Be Like A Balloon Blown Up About 3/4 Up.

Our Thermosphere is Our Most Outter Layer And Is Actually Three Different Layers Put Together.  The Ionsphere And Exosphere Are Here.

Our Thermosphere Is Where Our Aurora Borealis Takes Place

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