Spreading The News

adventures of baby bock

Well, we are ecstatic to finally announce that we are expecting! It’s still a little hard to imagine that we are here. We are pregnant and there will be a tiny babe in our arms before the start of the new year - crazy! I can honestly say that I was convinced (stubbornly convinced) that getting pregnant was going to be a long process and we did learn that we are not in control. The planner in me so wanted to be in control, but alas, God has a bigger + better plan. And so here we are - here I sit, writing about our pregnancy and the lil lemon (babe is the size of a lemon this week) growing inside of me. The entire process is a miracle and God does not make mistakes!

We decided Tackk was the perfect medium for my ramblings and would please some of our family and friends who can’t see us all the time to stay up to date on the baby and pregnancy. Plus I’m sure our moms will read it religiously so at least we’ll have a couple loyal followers (hi moms)!

At 14 weeks I am feeling very good. A painful right hip and getting exhausted easily but my nausea is all but gone, smells aren’t bothering me and my only weird symptom is a constant clogged left ear that I cannot get to pop - so annoying! I am so excited for my belly to pop and first feeling this little one move! Shout out to my amazing husband who has kept our house clean for showings, kept me fed with crackers when it was all I would eat and generally put up with any pranginess (a story for another day). You are going to be the best dad!

our little one at 13 weeks. healthy + active.