never give up!

just when you about to give up keep trying and you will succeed.

I believe that you have to create motivation ourselves. First you have to push yourself never put yourself down because if you do you feel like your never going to succeed so life’s going to pass by you so fast your not going to realize it. I will admit theirs people out their that will talk about you put you down and make you feel bad about yourself but at the same time theirs people that care about you and want to help you out but they cant help you if you cant help yourself. however motivation is a thing you have to build between yourself and never give up even on your worst days. therefor you was going and going into you got better and then succeed motivation and kept going and never gave up. so people can have to side but they only can have one of them so they have to choose one and motivate them self to work harder to get what they want.

don't give up because you don't know how close you are. your motivating your self to concur the negative thing you say to put your self down. but as you keep going your given your self more confidants and motivation. to not stop and just do it!!  

saying stuff you need to do just put your hope down you need to start say im going to do it.motivate your self to do it get up and do it instead of just saying im gonna do it.people waste there life on stuff they to do instead of doing it

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