Scholarship Persuasive Essay

The world needs the good people. The type of person who shares their wealth with the people who don't have anything. Life should not be ruled by the bad people who try to worsen one's moral thinking to join them. The positive people keep the balance to all of this. Every ying needs a yang. One murderer can hurt many lives. So we need more people to stop the bad to take over. Help us to keep the balance try to be a better person, a better you. Not just for your benefit but for the worlds benefit.


Letter of Recommendation

Cover Letter

Lopez, Brian

96747 Rainbow Rd

El Paso 79936

Angelo Michael

Business Department

89241 Rain drove

El Paso TX 79936

Dear Michael Angelo

I would like to have a position at Gamestop. I am a hardworking individual with a lot of determination. I am ready to work with a flexible schedule.That can improve customer service at the store and can lead a group to be a better staff. to have every employee work their hardest while having fun at the job.

I bring to the table skills to deal with customers with patience and respect. Teamwork and leadership skills to make a group be as successful as they can be. I will work hard to acquire the position. I will twice as much to keep it. I thank You for Your Consideration


Brian Lopez          


Brian Lopez

(915)957 96784

65728 Willowmist


To work in an interesting work environment that I can work my best at because I want my career to feel rewarding and to be able to use my skills to make things that make people happy



Jane a. Hambric (2005-2014)

El Dorado 9th Grade Academy(present)

National Junior Honor Society

Gifted and Talented Program

A-B Honor roll


Food service


customer interaction

Food Preparation



-Leadership skills

Team working Skills

Organization skills

Job application

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