Cultural Scavenger Hunt - Christopher Eyer

L'annulation des élections municipales de Vénissieux confirmée

On February 4th, the election in France was cackled

Claude Monet was a famous French painter, whose specialty with impressionism. His work contributed greatly to many art movements until his death in 1926.


Claude Monet

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Nadia Boulanger was a famous French composer and conductor. She was the first woman to conduct the Boston and New York Philharmonic orchestras.


Nadia Boulanger

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Jean Vigo was a famous French director and screenwriter. He is most notorious for Zéro de Conduite and L'Atlante.


Jean Vigo

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Cardoon- This is essentially a European plum. Greengages are described as a sweet and juicy, and also frequently referred to as the best fruit in the world.

Cardoon- This is also known as a globe artichoke and is often very thistle-like. Flowers bloom and when it reaches this point in growth, it is time for the cardoon to be cultivated.

Both fruit and vegetable originated in southern France.

La Patisserie is notorious for it's influence of French pastries, but both lunch and dinner are also offered. All dishes are very fresh and provide a wide range of food choices.

French Postage €1,20 = $1.35

Louisiana As the French established large settlements in a region called "New France" many settlers migrated to Louisiana, therefore giving the state a French background.

Vermont Vermont was also flooded with settlers and adapted a French-based name over the years.

French States Above are highlighted states that have a French origin.

Francs in Africa 5 francs = $5.40

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