Mrs. Jones'

3rd Grade Class

Charlotte's Web QR Code Scavenger Hunt

After completing our novel, Charlotte's Web, I wanted my classes to try something a little different.  Every year, we fill out a worksheet to assess our listening skills on the Charlotte's Web characters.......Boring.......

This year, we hunted for QR codes that matched our characters.  My students took off on an adventurous hunt to locate QR codes that revealed character descriptions and then they had to match those descriptions to the characters of the book.  Boy, did we have a good time!!

First, we had to scan our own desk to read our name.  Then, we scanned other desks to practice and make sure the QR readers were working correctly.  Then, it was time to scan the big QR code on the board and get our directions for our hunt.

Directions were read and we were ready to travel through the school searching for QR codes.  We had to travel all through the main halls, but if we looked hard enough, we were able to find them.  Not only were we showing our teacher what we knew from our novel study, we were also using technology and getting a little exercise in the process. 

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3 years ago

Great job Brenda! Love how you recorded your scavenger hunt on Tackk!