Air Raids
By: Taylor Hughes

Air raids were a very strategic way to take out enemy’s about a century ago. They are still used to this day, but very rarely. The first Airstrike was November 1st, 1911. It was dropped by a Italian aviator Second Lieutenant, Giulio Gavotti. He dropped four bombs on two turkish-held oases in Libya. Air Strikes were therefor used for a way to take out a big group of enemy’s at one time. It was a very successful way to do that! The air raids during World War II caused very bad damage! The air raid caused anywhere from 241,000 to 900,000 deaths during it! It was nearly impossible to stop a air raid unless you knew someway they were coming. All you could hear was the Planes going by then hearing a slight whistling noise, then before you know it, bombs were getting dropped everywhere.

In 1945 Osaka, Japan was bombed by 700 1 ton bombs. It nearly killed 10,000. It lasted over three hours of constant bombing. There was over 270 B-29 airplanes that was dropping them bombs on Japan!

December, 1940 London suffered from its most terrifying air raid when the germans bombed them. Hitler was the one who came up with this plan to " Take out " London by bombing them multiple times all at once.

When the dreaded air raid siren sounded suddenly wafting through the air, screeching out its deafening high and low wailing, warning sounds, we were full of fear and trepidation - Joan Styan

Two Pictures from London Air Rid-

Pictures from Osaka Air Raid - 1945

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