Christianity by Jayla

shout out to mrs.walton.

Christians are followers of Jesus , and the symbol of Jesus is a cross.

The Holy Bible <3

Jesus's events are all in the holy book.

Jesus had a supper with his diciples and told them to eat and partake of the bread.

Romans did not like Jesus because people were worshiping him and not their gods.

so the Romans decided to kill Jesus on a cross with two other thieves.

Judea is the first place where Christianity started.

Jesus rose into HEAVEN c:

Christianity is the biggest religion in the world, and their are a lot who believe and follow Jesus

the church is the temple.

Christmas is a holiday celebrated for Jesus when he was born

Easter is also another holiday that is celebrated for the crucifixion.

Jesus was put in a tomb.

three days later Jesus came back and told them that he would be back someday and to not stop believing.

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3 years ago

the crucifixion is when Jesus died for our sins and arose to heaven.

3 years ago

Christianity is the biggest religion in the world it has started in Judea which is now Jerusalm. Jesus started everything he is the one true god of christianity.

3 years ago

good job