1980's Wyatt Jester

I would like to go to the late 1980's for rap and comedians. I would like to go back there to watch Eddie Murphy perform Raw in front of the crowd. The NWA also formed then so I would listen to their music and other rap music from other artists.

I would not find a way back and I would stay their to live a life in the 80's. I would get a car and buy a house so my family could live there. I will watch and listen to all baseball games i can and compete in sports for many of teams and sports. I would hope to get drafted for a good baseball team hopefully the Mets.

I would play for Michigan during college and coach the Fab Five to multiple titles and hope they get drafted in the lottery. I will become a baseball legend and be the best their ever was and I would be the best coach for Michigan. My wife would become a teacher and teach English for the eighth grade and my kids will become pro athletes.

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