Home alone with a cool nanny

Since as long as I can remember, my parents have left me at home, alone.

Well, it wasn't exactly ALONE, alone.

As a small kid, I had a nanny, just like most other small kids in Bangkok. Let's call her Sisi. She was Karen (that's a hill tribe in Burma). Sisi would tell me about her past life in her village, traditional stories, her sisters and brothers, her cats, her plans of selling crepes if she ever went back to her village. She would also tell me about the T.V shows and movies she would watch. (she was the only one who had a T.V in the house, I've never owned an actually T.V). She described Star wars as some kind of great robot/ strange animal migration, with human protectors flying around with magic wands (light sabers) and flying cars...
Jurassic park (still haven't watched THAT movie) was about a dad who saw some dinosaur eggs crack and started getting bad dreams about them. And then he had to jump over a fence with his kids, only to meet some weirdos who later got him eaten by a dinosaur. oookay then.. Her stories were strange and disturbing. One was about a single-legged and single boobed (ewwww-what??) monster who would jump around and kidnapp people walking too deep in the forest. They would make the person eat grass and berries for a while and when that person finally made it home, they would die. She said it had actually happened in her village before. The monster/spirit things would not take you if you had a watch, or jewelry symbolizing you have family and people you care about.

Strange, huh?

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