Final Project

By: Cody Hilton

Movie Trailer: Need for speed

Need For Speed, a well known video game series for years has now been made into a movie. This trailer is very informative and digs deep into the several games in the Need For Speed series. The trailer displays a lot of information of what kind of cars, places, and actors will be in the movie. Overall I thought it was a great movie trailer. Being a person who has played and enjoyed the Need For Speed game series for years, I found a lot of interest in see this movie when it comes out March 14, 2014. I actually got the chance to go see this movie with an advance screening of the movie for free a week ago. I don't want to spoil anything but the movie was amazing. I cant wait to see this movie again once it comes to theaters. After see the movie I believe that this trailer is not only informative but it gives many hints to a lot of the things that will happen in this movie. The trailer gives its viewers a visual of a lot of the most suspenseful and gut wrenching moments of the movie. This trailer also hints at the big conflict of the story as well as its turning point. Not only was it a brilliant movie trailer but it definitely keeps viewers interested in the movie. This trailer shows the viewers who the main actor is. The great and smart thing that they did is that they got an actor that is the main star of a popular TV show. They chose Aaron Paul to be their main actor, which will bring in many fans because many people who watch Breaking Bad will most likely go and see the movie because it has their favorite actor.

Movie Poster: Cowboys and Aliens

From this movie poster the director wants the viewers to envision a world of science fiction where anything is possible. Based on this movie poster they took a old western theme of the cowboys and introduced a highly intelligent intergalactic alien story to create a answer to a question. What would happen if cowboys were to meet aliens? Taking it to my own personal thoughts, I believe this poster definitely answers that question. I like that they chose to leave you with the name of the movie and give you a picture of two of the main actors. Given this poster, the director made a brilliant move by signing two famous and well-known actors. Daniel Craig plays James Bond in the James Bond movies. Harrison Ford is also a popular actor which is a great choice for this movie. He has been a lead actor in many movies. Another Key important thing that they used was they said that this movie is from the director of Iron Man. This will lead many Iron Man fans to most likely go and see Cowboys & Aliens. I have seen Iron Man and I enjoyed it a lot, once Cowboys & Aliens came out to the theaters I went and saw it the day it came out. In my opinion I enjoyed it more than Iron Man. It was so good that I actually purchased the movie on DVD. They made a great choice by making the title of the movie a separate color than the rest of the poster. Plus they took the title and made it stand out by making it look 3 dimensional.

Future Movie Changes

Today there are many ways people can access movies. They can go and see them at theaters, they can buy them on DVD/Blue Ray, and they can now buy digital copies of the movies. Here is my take on the future of movie accessibility. Seeing that technology is rapidly changing everyday and new things are being created every day, most things will be operated through computers and the internet. In my opinion I believe that the ability to purchase movies via DVD/Blue Ray will begin to vanish in the later future. I say this because so many people are transitioning into the technology age and are beginning to purchase movies via digital downloads. They are starting to purchase movies this way because its saves them from having to have space for a physical copy and they can put the movie on things such as computers, Ipod's, and phones enabling them to have easy access to the movie without having to use a DVD player. Most people would say that DVD's will never vanish but eventually they will no longer be in use and they will most likely face the same road as VCR tapes. Knowing this possibility I believe they should try their best to keep marketing DVD's as much as they can before we start seeing them fading away. What I have found out, is that they are including a digital download copy with the purchase of a DVD. This enables them to not only sell a physical copy of the movie but also give the customer the ability to have a copy for their mobile devices and computers. If they do want to make a strong push towards the future, they should begin to market on the digital downloads more than on the physical DVD copies. I believe that this way of marketing the movies is brilliant and clever because they would have the ability to raise the prices of the movies because they are selling a physical copy and a digital copy in one package. Digital downloads are the future of movie access. I also believe that their will be many other ways people can access movies but time will tell.

Amusement/Theme Park: Universal Studios

Universal Studios is an Amusement/Theme Park that bases its amusements and themes on popular movies. The website is very effective when it comes to being very informative. The website homepage has the main things people are looking such as park times, events, rides, specials, celebrity appearances, and more importantly rates. I think that Universal Studios Hollywood has an interesting price strategy. They have a strategy of prices being determined by the specific age of each person. For example lets take their 1-day pass, they charge rates in two different ways: Ages 3-9 the price would be $76 and for all ages 10+ will pay $84. It makes it really easy to understand what the price is without having to look through numerous pricing rates like other parks. There are many features that Universal Studios Hollywood has to offer. The one feature that seems the best in my opinion is the parks VIP Experience upgrade. This upgrade will give park goers the once and a lifetime experience of what it feels like to be a VIP. This feature allows guests to get private tours of the backstage of many TV shows as well as special promotions such as Front of the Line access and many other park benefits. And for a flat rate of $349 you can enjoy the VIP treatment and benefits. They also offer some very effective sales promotions. For example they have sales promotions that guests can purchase a 1-day pass and get a hotel shuttle for that day. There is one that I found on their sight that I think is very interesting and that is the SeaWorld Combo Ticket. This ticket allows travelers to pay $134-142 and get access to both Universal Studios Hollywood and SeaWorld. This is very effective because not only will Universal Studios Hollywood get more visitors but so will SeaWorld. I believe that there are several positives and negatives about this park. Some positives would be that there are many attractions and things to do at the park and it has many new experiences for guests. The negatives that concern me the most is that it maybe very crowded because it is in Hollywood. The other thing would be the price, it is very expensive for a park. I feel that if the prices were to increase, they would see significant losses in park guests.

Future changes in ways TV shows are delivered and watched

What does the future hold for TV? What a question! This is something that I am very excited about. In my opinion I believe there will be many major changes in the way TV shows are delivered and watched. Today we have so many ways to get TV shows and watch them. These things consist of cable, satellite, DVD, digital video recording, internet, Pay Per View, etc. As we progress towards the future, I believe we will see an increase in the ways TV can be aired and watched. Though many people are watching TV shows on their TV, there is also an equal amount using other sources for TV shows. If this keep increasing I believe there will be more people watching TV shows on the internet or buying them on DVD's. It might come to the point where a certain amount of TV shows will transition from being aired on TV to being aired as a web show. At some point in time I believe that shows that are not very popular will eventually be on the internet only. I do believe that TV shows will stilled be aired on TV but there will be a significant amount of viewers lost do to the rapidly advancing internet. Overall I do not expect much to change in the way TV shows are watched. There is always going to be people who watch TV shows through cable/satellite providers as well as viewers who watch their favorite TV shows on the internet. I believe they marketers should keep marketing the TV shows the same way as they are doing now. It seems to be working very well for all sides of the TV business. In my opinion it seems like it would be very difficult to change the way they market because there are many factors that could potentially lead to some major problems. The future has a lot of things to come, There will be many changes in not only the way TV shows are delivered and watched but also changes for how they are marketed.

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