Atlanta, Georgia

The Piedmont Region

     Cities in this region include: Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, and Macon. With over 4.5 million people, almost one half of Georgia's population lives in this region. Farming, primarily in the form of peaches and poultry, is also a significant enterprise in this region.

Tourist Attractions

    The Piedmont is home to the fall line which has many big cities such as, Augusta, Milledgeville, Macon, and Columbus, which are places where cargo was transferred from boats to trains and wagons. The fall line also has many beautiful waterfalls that are great tourist attractions. The Piedmont also has Stone Mountain,which is a large granite plateau. One of the Piedmont's big rivers is the Chattahoochee river. This river supplies drinking water, hydroelectric power, and is a nice place to spend a vacation. There is also the Savannah river that is too a tourist attraction.

Chattahoochee River

Business Opportunities

     The Piedmont region has a mild temperate climate. This means that employees would consider relocating there. Today, manufacturing cars and airplanes is important in this region. Two other big industries in Piedmont are raising poultry and growing Georgia's famous peaches. This region is also is the most populated region in the state. Since Atlanta is a big city in the Piedmont region, there are big corporate industries offering jobs. Mining for granite is an economic activity there.

An airplane

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