A Guide To Jello Wrestling Rules

While with the jelly party, you are mostly independent to set your own rules and standards based upon the venue or home ground still it doesn't hurt to know about the standard guidelines. The games on the wrestling pates can take any number of forms as desired size important to discuss the specifics from before and set certain ground rules. Make sure that everybody related to the game understands these thoroughly before anything begins. Some of the standard rules are as follows.

  • No choking, head-butting, gouging, hair pulling, biting, kicking, or punching
  • Everyone should remain upon the knees and a standing position allowed
  • A nominated referee will be there throughout to implement the rules
  • Wearing of shoes is not allowed during the game
  • End around immediately when the participant says STOP, injured, or passes out

It is important that one doesn't take jelly wrestling game too seriously it is a leisure activity only and nothing competitive. This will keep the adrenaline levels down, prevent unwanted accidents, and ensure that everyone has loads of fun.

Pin rule of three seconds
When one of the participants can get the opponent down and hold the position for three seconds as the referee counts, he/she will win that round. Such games are generally for 3-5 rounds and the winner advances to subsequent stages. For tournaments, you will require to order jello in bulk so that there is no shortage in the course of the event.

Opponent’s shirt removal
Do you want to increase mercury levels in a jelly-wrestling match? Then this is the best way to achieve such a purpose. It is a sexier version where the game objective is to remove the T-shirt of the competitor and get it away from the pit. One who is able to achieve this is going to be the winner. A great way to make the crowd take sides is create two different teams with separate logos on the T-shirt. This will enhance the competitive spirit and make the winning so much sweeter!

Sweatband removal
This is another interesting version of the jelly wrestling game where the opponent tries to get the sweatband is present on the wrists and ankles from your body. The one who is able to achieve this first goes on to win the round or the game. Here again you court as much crowd support as you can by creating teams are using college colors to make the game more competitive and interesting as well.

Fundraising with Tug of War
Tug of war game using the right jello wrestling supplies can prove to be a successful fund raising event. Here you will not wrestle your opponent within the jelly pit but instead pull them inside if you can. The pit remains in the middle with two sides tugging the rope on either end.

So, if you're planning to host a Jello wrestling event anytime soon you will require the right supply. To get the best help in this regard do not forget to visit the website JelloWrestlingSupplies.com.

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