Rich and Richer

      A new report says that the richest one percent of the world population will be richer than everyone else combined by next year. The executive director at Oxfam cautioned that this financial inequality is holding back the fight of worldwide poverty. One in nine people don't have enough to eat, one in three people live in poverty, and more than a billion people live on just $1.25 per day. This is such a problem because the inequality decreases economic growth around the world. Meetings held on January 19 have raised awareness at Oxfam and elsewhere.

This video gives information about the income and financial inequalities. There are important statistics about this topic.

Here are some wikipedia sites with more information:

Here are some other interesting websites: CNN gives information from Oxfam and other sources, as well as showing an educational broadcast.  On Tuesday 20, 2015, President Obama is planning to speak about the financial inequalities in the world.  What is wealth inequality? This website gives more information about it.

This organization is helping communities create better working economies.
This organization helps children in poverty in the United States receive a good education.
Qatar is the richest country in the world. Luxembourg is the richest country in Europe. 36% of African population lives on a dollar per day.


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