Anti~bullying week @ HMS

The Pizza Scenario

                If i were in there group to start with and they were planing this i would say something like we shouldn't treat him like that cause that's not how u want to be treated so that mean treat people the way you want to be treated.If i was Chris i would feel in embarrassed cause they shared my personal information.                                   But if i was him i wouldn't have answer none of her questions because that's your business not hers so don't tell her nothing.Also the reason i say this is because its personal.PERSONAL means u just know that don't mean share it with everyone u keep it to your self and only you.

Facebook bullying

If i saw this happen and didn't do anything the message would send to the bully is that we don't care if he here and we don't care about his feelings.Some things we could do id report that person on Facebook or say something and tell them u need to stop cause that's not how u want to get treated.If i stood up for the person that was getting bullied the school will be a whole lot better if we didn't have people getting hurt and we will have positive attitudes.That if we stop bullying then that mean less people will actually killed there self .