Summer  Freedom

Jack Blommel 4/23/14

Summer Freedom

Strolling up the hill,

one of many times in the past.

Pushing, pushing again, then stepping on

the 39 inches of momentum.


Finally, at the top of the hill.

One foot on the board,

one foot on the smooth, freshly paved road.

I pick my foot up off the ground,

and I'm moving.


I start slow,

but as the street slopes down,

I accelerate at an intense rate,

and I crouch down to accelerate even more.


As I continue to gain speed,

I lean forward, then backward,

as I start to make long, S-shaped swoops on the street.

I take in the summer air,

as it slaps me in the face.


As the hill evens out,

and I start to slow down,

I reach the end of the street,

ready to repeat the process

again, and again, and again.

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