By:Jordan W. and Sophia G.


Lice are little dirty bugs that come from another creature.They are also called parasites.


Lice can irritate your skin and you will itch a lot.


If you stay clean and fresh you won't get Lice, but if you don't take a bath or a shower in a week or two you could probably get lice. Or if two kids bump heads they could probably effect you so you can get Lice.


If you have Lice tell your parents and they will take you to a doctor and check if you really have Lice. The doctor will probably suggest to get special treatment but it could take a long time to get them out! So watch out for Lice!


You need special treatment to get lice out! So your parents will buy you something to kill lice. He or she will get you... Special shampoo, cream, or lotion. I say if you have lice you tell your parents. Even if you don't have lice you should still have your parents check because if you hear someone in your class has lice or someone in your grade or someone in your school has lice you should tell your parents to check your hair to see if you have lice.