Marine Biology

Jordan Gill Per. 4

What does it study?

Marine Biology is the scientific study of organisms in the ocean or other marine or brackish bodies of water.

Why is this subject being studied?

Marine Biology is being studied to increase knowledge of the living organisms that live below the surface.

Where are studies conducted?

The ocean

What kind of education is required to work in this field?

Some schools offer a marine biology degree, you could also obtain a biology or zoology degree and work in this field. To be a marine biologist, a Ph.D is almost required and if you have one you will most likely be chosen over someone that doesn't, the more schooling the better in this particular area.

What is the title of someone who works in this discipline?

Everyone in this field is considered a marine biologist. Some work with only certain species of animals such as whales, and some only work with aquatic plant life.

Where would someone in this field of study be employed?

Sea world, aquariums

Name one expert in this field.

Stephen Hillenburg

What impact can an expert in this field have on society?

An expert can monitor the environmental changes and how any sea life is impacted. Also, if there were any incidents within ocean life, such as the oil spill in the gulf, they can determine what species could be in the most danger or what it may effect the most. They also answer the questions everyone has, such as why sharks attack some people or why certain species can only live in certain weather environments.

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