Crop Circles

I love to look at crop circles. After viewing so many, I came up with a theory that crop circles are artwork. Maybe the aliens aren't trying to communicate so much as filling that creative need that we humans also have. I think this because there are a few definite artistic styles. If aliens share the artistic urge as we do, wouldn't that be a wonderful thing?

They may be heiroglyphic attempts to communicate through symbolism, as many people have said.

But I like to think of them with individual personalities, like us.

Art is a reflection of the soul.

Not all crop circles are actually circular. This one has a neat 3D effect and the style looks very unique.
More square shapes and the 3D effect.
This one also has the 3D effect and angular shapes mixed with circular. Like the previous two, there is an alternating light/dark effect.
This artist likes to copy the forms of animals on earth!
Cool dragonfly! There is no way I can see a couple people with stepping boards producing such incredibly intricate designs.
This one shares similar shapes to the previous two. It's so beautiful, and seems to resemble a flower with sylized pistils in the center.
Similar organic shapes from the previous three. Nice use of the landmark! Could it be an alien sea creature?
This artist is very elaborate. Notice the use of the keyhole structure also used in many Greek artworks. This is a very refined design!
Again the intricate medallion and use of the Greek keyhole design.
Another medallion design with absolute perfectly spaced "rays". This one reminds me of an angel, or wings.
A completely non-uniform design. Does it map the progression of heavenly bodies? It's a bit reminiscent of machinery.
This one looks even more like some kind of machine or instrument.
Amazing! Again, it looks like an instrument of some kind. Intriguing.

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