Giovanni di Verrazano

by Gerard Molfetta 4-407

When he sailed Where he sailed for

Giovanni sailed for the county of France .He sailed from 1507-1528 to North America. When he was here he discovered  some things when he was here like New York harbor.

What was his route

Giovanni's main route was to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. When he sailed he went to New York and and discovered a few things like New York harbor. Then he went down to south America and when he was there he got eaten by native people in Guadeloupe.

Some other facts

Giovanni also was the first European explorer to name the sites he saw. He also discovered New York harbor. Some of Giovanni's other boat's diden't make it to wherever they were going because they ran out of supplies. Also he sailed for king Fances the third. Also he made 2 more voyages

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