Basic Literacy Stage & Study Strategies

Chapters 7-8

This Tackk includes the following resources

-A  KWL Chart with a checklist for the reader.

-A QAR Resource guide with some good suggestions and charts that are ready made.

-A Interesting lesson called "writing from the heart" that puts an interesting twist on how to organize or summarize your writing.

-A video of a class lesson example on "Semantic Mapping"

-Youtube Clip of the T.H.I.E.V.E.S pre reading strategy

KWL Chart

QAR Resource Guide

Semantic Mapping

Here is a lesson example of how to you semantic mapping in a lesson plan. This technique help preparing a reader for a text. Best used for small groups to work together and brainstorm information they remember from the reading. After the group finishes, they can compare with the entire class.

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