Dexter B.


Hi I'm Dexter B. I'm 13. I was born in utah on augest 7th. I have a brother and two sisters and lots of cousins.

When i am older and graduate from collage i want to go to BYU Provo Utah. my parents and grand parents went there and I want to go there too.

I run X-country for my school and I will run it next year for high school. Running is really fun for me. My Mom is the one to blame for me getting into running she had me do it in 7th grade and now I love it.

I want to be an Engineer when I am older. I love taking things like printers and old computers apart. I built my computer in 7th grade. I love thinking of new designs for cars and machines an most anything.

I moved around a lot for the first part of my life but now me and my family live here in Liberty Lake. we have lots of friends and family here.

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