Inferences from Previously by Allan Ahlberg

By:Alexis Leonard

Inference: It looks like Jack is hiding from someone or something.

Inference: This reminds me of the princess and the frog so maybe he is trying to find a princess.

Inference: I would guess that he is the prince and thats when he turns into a frog.


Quote: "Cinderella was running like a mad away from the ball."

Inference: Cinderella is running really fast & running away from the ball.

Quote: "Previously he had been baked in an oven"

Inference: I think they were talking about baking a cake, cookies, or something, but it says he so I would infer that they were talking about the gingerbread man.

Quote: "Previously she had been her socks off."

Inference: She had been dancing a lot and having a good time.

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