Final Poetry Project

By: Raven Slade
Core 4

Acrostic Poem (Task 2)


He broke my heart

Every piece, shattered

All I wanted was his love

Real, as he promised

True, as mine for him

But he walked away

Right in the middle of paradise

Every beat of my heart

Aches for his love

Keeping the flame aglow

I will wait by the light

Never losing the hope

God will send him back to me

  • o First letter of words create another word (topic)
  • o Hyperbole: Shattering every piece of her heart
  • o Personification: Heart aches for his love
  • o Not really any other elements

Haiku Poem (Task 3)


Raised with peace and love

Pandas become our lost friends

Hurt by violence

  • No poetic elements

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