Copper (Cu)


Atomic Mass: 63.55 amu

Atomic number: 29

Cost: #3.02/lb

The Discovery of Copper

The discovery of copper dates back to prehistoric times.  There's reports of copper beads found in Iraq in 9000BC.  Because it was discovered in prehistoric times, we don't know exactly who discovered it.


-copper is a good conductor of heat

-it's used in electrical wiring

-all U.S. coins and guns are copper

-it's used to create brass and bronze alloy

-Copper ore deposits are found in the United States, Chile, Zambia, Zaire, Peru and Canada

-the melting point of copper is 1, 984.32 degrees Fahrenheit

-it's used in some jewelry

-easily stretched, molded, and shaped

Mykenzie Clements and Gaven Salinas

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