Hire the best car accident lawyer

When you are involved in a car accident in UAE, there are several important legal steps that need to be followed. And that is the reason why you should hire the best car accident lawyer. First thing in the event of a car accident is to dial the hotline number 999 for the traffic police.

For minor accidents with small damage and no injuries,the telephone operator may advise both parties to go to the nearest police station and complete the necessary forms.When you are waiting for the traffic police to arrive make sure you have moved your vehicle to a safer place, so that there is no traffic jam caused because of you. If you have not cleared the way, you may be fined for causing traffic jam. Once you have clarified with the other party and found out who is to be blamed, you will have to visit the nearest police station to complete the required forms.

As per the law, all drivers are supposed to carry a valid driving license, and have the insurance documents, and the car registration card in the car at all times. Only police have the authorization to ask for your driving license and other related documents.