Hungary Global Village

( Our Global Village Group has been studying currents events in our Hungary. These are the main issues in our country.)

#1 Natural Gas In Hungary

This is a graph showing the consumption rate of natural gases in Hungary. It shows increases and decreases of consumption from 2001 to 2010. Near 2009, consumption rate began to grow again, and it kept going in 2010. The consumption rate is still continually growing. The problem about natural gases is that they are hurting the environments and because they aren't renewable, they reamin forever. Hungary should instead be using renewable sources for power like water instead of sources the hurtthe environment  around them.

#2 Pollution In Hungary

#3 Immigration In Hungary

#4 Shopping Ban In Hungary

The people of Hungary are against the new shopping ban because of no shopping on Sunday's. Trade  Unions are trying to overturn the ban and it will hurt how much stores and employees make. The government wants Hungarians to spend more time with their families, and they will make less money. Stores are also closing earlier and opening later and stores might lay off workers.

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