Aztec Civilization

The Aztec was founded sometime around the 12th century A.D. They had a long journey that they ended up to the Valley of Mexico. By 1500, 4 million Aztec lived in the Valley of Mexico. The Aztec was state was authoritarian. The Aztec believed in many gods, Ometeotl, Huitzilopochitli, Qeutzalcoatl. The Aztec formed a Triple Alliance with two other city-states.

Aztec Territory

Aztec History Timeline

Aztec Gods

Ometeotl was a supreme god, who represented all the powerful forces in the heavens. Huitzilopochitli was the god of the sun & of war. He was very important to all the warriors. Qeutzalcoatl had a impact in people's lives.

Government & Leaders

The Aztec were authoritarian. The monarch that had lineage with the gods, had all the power. There was a council of lords & government officials that assisted the Aztec ruler. The nobility held position in the government.

Families & Society

Boys & Girls had different roles in society. Boys had to be a warrior & a girl had to be in the house. Males were sent to temple school were they learned military training. Once they are adults they had a choose to do, serve in military service, the government bureaucracy, or the priesthood. Aztec woman could also inherit property. Women had to work at home & raise they're children. Some could also train to become priestesses.


In 1500, 4 million Aztec already lived in the Valley of Mexico & the areas around Mexico. The population consisted of commoners, indentured workers, & slaves. Slaves had to work in the house of the rich Aztecs. Males & Female slaves were sold in the markets. Commoners were farmers. They built chinampas. The indentured were landless labors.

Aztec Food

Maize was used a lot in Mexico & was what the Aztec made. Beans & Squish was their famous planted food they used. They made great combination with maize & beans. Chocolate came from the cocoa beans in Mexico. It was treasured in the Aztec Empire.

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