Collin Schmidt's Collage

Personal finance

Things that i need

These 5 things are stuff that i need to survive. i need water because it keeps me hydrated, food to give my nutrients my body needs, clothing to keep me warm, air so i can breathe, and family to interact with.

Things that i want

These 5 wants are all way out of what i can afford. But everyone always wants stuff that they can't afford. But thats what life is. I want money so that i can buy just about anything i want. Like the truck, four wheeler, motorcycle and bow.

Things that I value

I value these items because they are all things that i love. I love my family because they are always there for me. I love my dog because she is my hunting partner and the best dog that i have ever had. I value my friends because my friends always make me laugh and i enjoy hanging out with them. I value my shotgun because it is really nice and very expensive. I value nature and the woods because its a relaxing place i can go to an enjoy the outdoors.

Financial Goal

A financial goal that i have is to make at least 100,000 dollars in a year. I will accomplish this by working hard at my academics and athletics to make my way through college and get a good career to accomplish my goal. I know that i have accomplished this because i will have a good sized house and a happy family that i can support.

Educational Goal

An educational goal that i have is to graduate from college. I will accomplish this by studying and getting good grades through high school and college. i will know that i know when i accomplished it because i will have graduated college. I plan on earning this by focusing in school and not getting off task so that i can have a good career.

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