Jefferson Davis

Ms. Johnson

"Jethro listened with fascination to the new names of men and places. He heard admiration voiced for a brilliant young officer named McClellan, who had been put in a top command of the army in the East. He became aware of such names as Seward and Chase; he knew who Senator Summer was and Old Thad Stevens, what such names as Wendell Phillips and Henry Ward Beecher stood for, what roles were being played by Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee." - Across Five Aprils

Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States

Jefferson Davis was President of the Confederate States from 1861-1865. Raised in Mississipi, He was a Mexican war hero who also served as a U.S. Senator before the secession. During his presidency, he concentrated on the war efforts but did not focus on the home front.

Capitol of the Confederacy, Richmond, VA

Once the war was over, Jefferson Davis was captured and held at Fort Monroe. He was tried for treason against the United States, but never convicted.

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