Asia can probably step a big notch when it comes to horror films. With the numerous horror movies that became popular not just in their respective country but also in other countries or even worldwide, it is no doubt that Asians have the potential to really scare the movie audience to the next level! One of the most famous and sought after horror films is Japan’s Ring in 1998. This classic movie popularized the character Sadako where there were even parodies of Sadako going out of the TV or even Singapore caskets! Another popular Japanese horror film is The Grudge. This 2002 movie is from Ju- on which is a Japanese V- Cinema horror film where The Grudge is an installment on its seven feature films. There was also an English version of the movie that was released on 2004.

Now that you are familiar with the Japanese horror films, get to also know some of the best horror films that Singapore has produced:

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1) THE MAID (2005)

The Maid is a story about a Filipina maid who went to Singapore at 18 and arrives on the first day of the Seventh Month. The Chinese Seventh Month is a Chinese belief that the gates of hell will open and spirits are left to wander around. The lead character named Rose Dimaano starts to work in a Chinese opera with a mysterious family. Things were going pretty well until apparitions and other unexpected nightmares began.

2) GHOST CHILD (2013)

Directed by Gilbert Chan starring Carmen Soo, Chen Hanwei and Jayley Woo, Ghost Child revolves about a family fighting agains the “ghost child”. The ‘ghost child’ is also called “Toyol” or “Tuyul” which is a mythical creature or spirit popular in countries like Malaysia, Thailand and of course Singapore. It is somewhat similar to the Filipino mythical creature ‘tiyanak’. This toyol has caused the family’s distress and misfortune but Kim (Jayley Woo) will make sure to save them.

3) THE COFFIN (2008)

Starring Ananda Everingham as Chris, Karen Mok as Sue, this 2008 horror film tackles about the Thai ritual of lying in a coffin (not necessarily a Singapore casket) which is said to give long life, take away bad luck, and even heal genetic and fatal diseases like cancer. Unfortunately what happened is the opposite. Chris and Sue experienced unexplainable misfortunes and has to repeat the burial of someone they know to stop the curse.

4) THE EYE (2002)

This Hong- Kong Singaporean horror film in 2002 is directed by the Pang brothers and even had sequels named ‘The Eye 2’ and ‘The Eye 10’. This horror film is about the 20 year old violinist Mun who undergoes an eye cornea transplant after he receives a new pair of eye from a donor. Aside for gaining sight from the donor, she also gained vision to see ghosts which some are very unfriendly so she took the courage to find her donor and the history behind the donor’s death.