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A Person's Legacy

Giving up. Whether we do it once, twice, or millions of times, people notice. It shows our weaknesses.
It shows that when the going gets tough, we feel success is unreachable so we stop trying.
But what some don't understand, is that it is your own choice to be unbreakable. Invincible. Unstoppable. Everything that happens in your life, is chosen by you. No matter what, you do not have the right to blame something or someone, because somehow, you made the choices to get there.

The truth is, giving up on something only means giving up on yourself.
We've all given up at one point or another, but the thing in life that separates us in class as people, is whether or not we repeated the same mistake again.
Of course sometimes it gets hard, we feel overruled, but making the choice to stop trying is a sign of frailty. Imagine society as each being an individual egg. A delicate hard shell with nothing but soft insides. When the egg gets cracked, it can handle the damage.
But after multiple hits, it breaks down and everything is exposed.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that we all are our own individual eggs. We've all taken a few hits from life, some of us more than others. After many hits, yes we break, but it's the people who have the courage and drive to get back up on their feet and heal. They stick up for themselves. They CHOOSE to be unbreakable.They don't tolerate being broken. They fix it.
They don't give up.

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