The last strike

Sharkeshia – your kids are great except for Tyrone he sure does wear me out.

Shawn- [attitude} or really you don’t say Tyrone sure is a handful huh?

Sharkeshia-[rolls eyes] yea what ever

Shawn-[attitude] so I guess its time to pay you right

Sharkeshia- yes it is

Shawn- we agreed on 150 right?

Sharkeshia- um no we agreed on 250

Shawn-[scrolls through his phone] that’s not what I have put down in my temo pad.

Sharkeshia- ok but you told me face to face that I was getting paid 250.


Sharkeshia- [looks around the room laughing] ok look you aint got to yell its what ever anyways

Shawn- ok then so here is 150 dollars but on my cameras it showed you weren’t watching my kids

Sharkeshia- actually I was cause Tyrone was playing around too much

Shawn- exactly you were watching one of my kids not all of them so that 4 dollars deducted from your pay.

Sharkeshia- now hold up I was watching them your child Tyrone ran out of my sight again.

Shawn- same excuse like the last time why don’t you keep your eyes on him instead of the TV and your phone.

Sharkeshia- I do maybe if he wasn’t trying to break everything in your house and sit down I wouldn’t have to chase after him.

Shawn- Linda told me that you had hit her is that true

Sharkeshia- no I didn’t

Shawn- that’s not what showed up on my camera

Sharkeshia- where are your cameras because I aint lay my hands on her

Shawn- none of your business so that will be 45 dollars deducted and she might have a bruise so that will be 15 dollars taken off and that leaves you with 90 right.

Sharkeshia- no because all that money belongs to me on my behalf your not going to deduct anything from my pay [starts moving close to Shawn getting mad]

Shawn- oh really what are you going to do about it

Sharkeshia- oh ill show you {balls up her fist}

Shawn- look your not going to do anything so take your pay and leave and be her next week by 5:30 pm you got it

Sharkeshia- oh I got it all right {raising her fist}

Shawn- wait what are doing

Sharkeshia- {steals off on Shawn on leaving him on the floor}

Shawn-[knocked out cold]

Sharkeshia- [laughing] he said I wasn’t going to do anything well now he knows not to mess with my money but ill be back next week. [Takes her money out of his pockets and leaves]

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