Black Death

Have you ever learned about the Black death?  Well, if you have you probably don't want to talk about it. The Black death got its nickname from the way people looked when they got the black death. The black death is really named Bubonic Plague. This is how the Black death spread.

  • Rats carried bacteria (Y.Pestis) in their blood
  • Fleas drank the blood
  • Fleas bit humans
  • Humans died

Where did the Black Death come from?

The Black death came from China. When ships from Italy came to either unload or load cargo to China the rats would come on the ships. When the ship came back to Italy the rats came off the ship. Soon many people got sick and died along the coast. When other people traveled rats came too. People went to farther countries in Europe and when other people got sick and died it spread really fast. Later many, and many people died. Town were wiped out.

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