Black and White Rhinos

by maddi wilkie


Their are three main species of the Rhino the White Rhino ( Ceratotherium simum), Black Rhino ( Diceros bicornis) and the Asian Rhinos (Rhinoceros unicornis, Rhinocerus sondaicus and Dicerorhinus sumatrensis). All of these Rhinos are mainly found in shrublands, grasslands and savannahs. Both the white and black Rhinos are found in South western Africa and both can be found in Kenya. The Asian Rhinos can be found in Nepal, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Lao, Vietnam, Malaysia and the islands of Borneo, Java and Sumatra. Although there are many different types of Rhino today we will mainly be focusing on the Black and White Rhino.

Fertilisation and Development

Rhinos cross- fertilise and also complete fertilisation internally.Male rhinos are ready to mate at 7 to 8 years old and for females they are ready to mate at 5 and 6 years old.  When th e female is ready to mate she will curl her tail and stifffen her stance the mating process will last half an hour. The couple will stay togehter for      5-20 days. Once parted the female rhino will be left with the baby rhino fetus, rhinos are viviparty. The developing baby rhino will develop in its mothers womb for 16 - 18 months. The baby rhino fetus is located in the mothers lower stomach region. Rhinos are internally developed so as to steady their development. The reason their development may be longer and more steadied is that the main areas where rhinos are found there is scarce amount of water and food.  An advantage of this strategy is that once that they have found an area with enough water and food they may stay there so that when the baby is born it will be born in a safe area. Their is no disadvantage of their mating/development process all t.

Parental Care

The baby rhino is only raised by their mother, the father quickly left after mating with their mother. Only one baby rhino is born to each couple which lowers the mortality rate of the rhinos meaning they practice the k- selection. The reason why there is large amount of care from only one parent is that rhinos are mainly independent creatures (as seen a above). An advantage of this level of parental care is that they are loners. Their is no disadvantage they get what they want and it suits them.


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