The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation

      Today I wanted to talk about an organization that I recently discovered, The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation. I have always had a love for animals, especially wild, but one day while scrolling through the explore page on Instagram, I came across a guy named Eddie. Perfectly normal man, lived comfortably in Mexico, and posted beautiful pictures of anything he came across in his life. He constantly quoted God, and had a love for nature and others. So why did I follow this Eddie guy? Well I think it has a little something to do with the fact that he has 60+ big cats living in his backyard.

This is Eddie, and that is one of his many "kids" standing behind him. So you probably have a lot of questions, some consisting of: why is that lion not ripping his face off? Isn't owning wild animals illegal? Should lions even be pets? Well, luckily I can answer them!

Eddie rescues big cats. He rescues them from sad situations like the circus, pet shops, zoos, and canned hunting.  

Eddie lives on thousands of acres of lands, and helps provide these cats with the freedom they were born to deserve. He owns a sanctuary with 3 stages.

Stage 1: A nursery where cats under 1 year of age live, while constantly being surrounded by human love and 24 hour observance. This stage is mostly indoors.

Stage 2: a big open garden where some of the older cats can play together and run while their wild instincts are starting to arrive.  This is what is pictured above behind Eddie.

Stage 3: coming soon. Will consist of thousands of acres for each car when they are ready to live in their own while still being under the foundations care.

All breeds and ages of cats live together with Eddie and his team in harmony once they are ready and have been evaluated.

This is Cielo, Eddies first rescue. He rescued here from a pet store in LA where she would have been drugged and used for pictures with tourists for profit. Once she was too old, the shop would have sold here to a canned hunting agency, where tourists could pay big money to go into a small enclosure with her and shoot her. Eddie gave her the chance to grow and thrive Cielo and Eddie now have the deepest bond you could imagine and she lives out her days freely and happily swimming in her own little pond.

 Eddie has over 60 cats now living opinion his sanctuary and loves everyone of them like his own child. He has tigers, jaguars, leopards, and lions.

Possibly my favorite thing about the foundation is their mission. Yes they want to rescue cats, but they also do it to raise awareness about the conservation of these beautiful creatures and their habitats.

These cats and their homes are decreasing more and more each day because of humans who think they are entitled to any animal they want.  If we don't do something to stop the demise of the Tiger, the species will be fully extinct by the year 2020.

God put us on the earth to live in harmony with animals and the nature surrounding us. We must change the idea that these things are our property we can do what we like with.

By saving these cats and showing, through social media, how amazing they are, he is helping raise awareness for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Running a foundation like this with little help can really be expensive. Factoring in the meals, vet bills, living expenses,building material, etc... Isn't free no matter how good what you are doing is. If you want to know how you can donate, or even sponsor a cat, visit their website:

If you want to see more of the cats, how they live and play, or how precious the babies are, check them out on instagram for daily updates : @blackjaguarwhitetiger

I hope you come to love them as much as I do❤️