Cataract Surgery – Staying One Step Ahead Of Natural Ageing Process

Did you know that over 80% of the population over the age of 70 has a risk of developing cataract? Cataract is the result of natural progression and age and no one can escape that. Cataract surgery in India is the only solution to cataract formation and if you find everything hazy around you, then it is time you saw an eye-specialist for glaucoma treatment in India.

Effect of age on sensory organs

All five of our senses are crucial to smoothly going about our day-to-day lives with as few mishaps as possible. However, our perceptive abilities tend to weaken and fade as we age. Sensory receptors that detect taste and smell slowly atrophy, sounds become muffled, and your 20/20 vision can turn blurry and distorted by the time you are 70!

Symptoms & Causes of Cataract

People with cataracts usually do not experience symptoms like pain or discomfort in the eye until the cataract is more advanced. Your eye will also appear normal to others, until the cataract reaches an advanced state.

  • A discolored pupil that will look gray or white to others
  • Cloudy vision
  • Difficulty seeing at night or while driving
  • Sensitivity to glare
  • Seeing halos around light sources
  • Colors may look faded or yellowed
  • Double vision in the affected eye

Advancing age is a primary reason for cataract. With age, protein of the lens turns opaque. Other causes of cataract are metabolic disorders such as diabetes, excessive exposure to sunlight, lifestyle disorders like heavy alcohol consumption and smoking. Injury to the eye can also lead to clouding of the lens of the eye.

Bladeless Cataract Surgery

In a typical <a href="">cataract surgery in India/a>, the natural lens which becomes cloudy or opaque is replaced with an artificial Intra Ocular Lens. Femtosecond Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery or Bladeless cataract treatment has made cataract surgery simple and more precise, the incision is small, and no hospitalization is required. Here are some of the advantages of bladeless surgery.

  • Completely blade-free process
  • The actual operation takes less than a minute to complete
  • Capsular opening, fragmentation of cataract with laser & corneal incisions are fully automated to deliver precise cuts and is more accurate than manual blade incision
  • Reduces recovery time
  • Enables Astigmatism correction at the time of cataract surgery
  • Greater safety, precision & accuracy
  • Better visual outcome

Bladeless cataract treatment restores your vision back to normal faster than any other surgical process. It’s fast, painless and affordable. Know more about glaucoma treatment in India.