Inkscape Character

This week youth at the Digital Harbor Foundation Maker Foundations program started learning Inkscape. I was tasked with the challenge of creating 3 video tutorials for the Maker Foundations Inkscape course. In the first video youth learned how to move around in the workspace, how the different panels, menus and bars work. In the second video youth learned how to create a character using only circles. I made this tutorial based off of the "Let's get started with circles" tutorial here. Lastly, the third video teaches the youth how to make a vector logo for a fictional company.

I took my character design a little bit farther than what you end up with in the video tutorial. I still used mostly circles (except for the mustache and the lines) and just converted them into paths so that I could manipulate them into different shapes. I also added some shadows using circles and detail to the fins using the Draw Bezier tool.

I encourage you to check out the video tutorials linked above to learn how to make your own character!

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2 years ago

love the mustache 🙀

2 years ago

This is great Jean! I can't wait to see more of them!