Christmas Cards

Mrs. Banda period 1-2

It has an extra card in the back with more info so it’s not that cluttered, which I think is cool.

Cute line of pictures, not just one big one but still organized.

I like the black and white picture.

I like the cool colors and the two pictures instead of just one.

It’s a cute and neat collage, very creative.

It’s creative and yet not too much.

The black and white pictures look great with the colorful border.

I like the chevron border and all the colors match but aren’t too much or close

This is fun and creative. Its funny but not too much just silly.

I like the collage of the children around the family picture.

Too much black and white.

It’s too many pictures they all clash.

It’s too much white, it doesn’t look festive just like snowy weather.

The dog is cute but everyone looks so awkward.

The theme is not festive at all even though I like what they wrote on the card.

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