My 7th Grade Year
By: Chloe Thomas

My 10 Most Memorable Events

1. New Puppy

Toby: Last summer I got a new puppy Toby. We got him when he was 8 weeks old and he was the cutest little thing. When we first got him he slept a lot but he was really playful and was and still is curious. My friend Rachel came with us to get Toby, so it was a good time for Toby to become more comfortable with people. Toby is now 14 months old and he is a mix of German shepherd, black lab, and Rhodesian ridge back.

2. Summer in Colorado

Vacation to Colorado: This summer I flew out to Colorado with my aunt to see my other aunt, uncle and my cousin. It was so pretty out there! You could see Pikes Peak from my aunts house and the mountains and plains were beautiful. I went on a train ride up to Pikes Peak and it was an amazing view. My cousin and I went to a rodeo and we watched bull riding and horse obstacles. It was really fun in Colorado and I want to go back next summer.

My cousin and I at a rodeo.

3. KMS Volleyball

Playing Volleyball on the KMS team: This was my first sport that I played for Kenston and so it was a big deal for me to make the team. It was also fun to get to know girls better that have the same interests as me. Throughout our season we were 18-0 and became CVC champions. The school season helped me prepare for my JO season and the try outs that were coming up.

Our last game when we were CVC champs

4. Cousins Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception: The fourth moment was when I went to my cousin's wedding reception in Pennsylvania. It was really fun to see all of my family together. It was great for my cousin and her husband and their baby Rawson. My cousins and I had a fun time dancing with everyone. I loved spending time with my family and the other side of the family with my cousin's husband.


5. KMS Basketball

The 5th event is me making the 7th grade basketball team. This was a good experience for me because I played different positions than I usually do. Usually I play post but for school I played point guard and a forward. I had a very good coach(Gowdy) who helped me improve so much and he increased my love for the game. I have done many skills camps over summers and through school and I hope to be able to play for Mr. Hinkle in high school.    

Basketball Banquet

6. JO Volleyball

JO(Junior Olympics) Volleyball: My team had an amazing season this year! For all of our tournaments we paced in gold and we won 1 tournament at Maverick. Most of my team from last year made the team this year so we became even closer. This year I was an outside hitter and I also played left back. At Regionals our team did amazing! We won the Silver bracket and everyone on the team played terrific. It was such a good year for Ignite and I can't wait for next season!

7. Spring Vacation

North Carolina: For Spring Break this year my friend Rachel invited me and my mom to go to North Carolina. We went with her family and some of her brother's friends. We stayed in a house on Topsail Island. It was cold so Rachel and I only went in the ocean twice but we always took walks on the beach. There were so many cute gift shops that we went to a lot. Rachel had a volleyball net in the yard so we always played against the boys(which got pretty competitive!) It was so fun and I hope to go back again with my friends and more family.

šŸŒ“North CarolinašŸŒ“

8. Kenston Track

Kenston Track: I participated in track this year and it was such a good season for Kenston! The events I was in this year were 4x2 and 4x4 relays, the 400m run, and high jump. My best time for the for the 400 run was 00:1:08 and then I was on the 4x4 A team for the beginning of the season. I did high jump for the last 2 meets and jumped 4'2. I was invited to Jefferson which was another big moment and for that meet I ran the 400m. Many people broke school records; it was an exciting year for Kenston!

Jefferson Meet (400m)

9. Camp Mowana

Camp: My 7th grade camp trip was one of the most memorable things this year. Every day we had different activities and I had the best cabin of girls. We had an amazing counselor that made the trip so much better and more fun. We played volleyball, cards, and talked A LOT. It was great to be away from school and have time to just be with our friends. My favorite activities were capture the flag, zip lining, and the rock wall. The end of the week dance was fun too and that is when they played the song See You Again and everyone from camp sang along. It was a great week that was one of the main highlights of my year.

Cabin Tecumseh!

10. Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend: I went to Chagrin Falls for Blossom and to my friends lake house in New York. Blossom was fun, me and a group of my friends went down to Chagrin Falls and walked around the fair and the falls. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I went to my friend McKinley's lake house on Findley Lake in Michigan. We went swimming, kayaking, boating, and jet skiing. We also went in the hot tub and played volleyball. It was so nice and sunny there, it was good to take a little vacation.   

HELA Moments

1. Outsiders Day

Outsiders Day: In language arts this year we read the book The Outsiders. We had a special day after we finished the book where everyone in 7th grade could dress as one of the 2 society groups in the novel. You could either come as a Soc or a Greaser, I came to school as a Greaser. In our LA classes we played games and had to complete challenges that related to the novel. It was fun to do something as a whole grade and to play games!    

My class on Outsiders day!

2. Chuzzlewits Challenge

Challenges: In relation to the book we were reading, Anthem, we had to complete a number of challenges. Some of the challenges were making a square with paper folded triangles, walking on tennis balls while balancing on wooden pole, getting through 3D squares and building a Lego train. One very important element in these activities was teamwork. We had to rely on one another to help and guide each other through the challenges as easily as possible. We had to do the challenges in a certain time period and we had to get a certain number of point in order to not have a big essay over the novella. This was one of my main highlights in 7th grade HELA.

3D Squares Challenge


For science class we also had to do a tackk presentation. We had to present the moon and its phases. It was the first tackk project and it was fun because we got to add different picture and charts to display our point. We also got to include fun videos and make up our own events and products. Doing this activity helped me to prepare for LA and completing this tackk.  

Tips For This Class: Always be ready to take notes so have paper! Make sure to write down the vocabulary because the definitions are most of the questions on tests and quizzes.   

7th Grade Camp Mowana

Camp: This camp is such a good experience to be with your friends. There are so many fun activities that keep you busy through the whole day. My favorite activities were capture the flag, zip lining, and the rock wall. Every morning you go down for breakfast and then you get dressed and you are off to your activity! There is always a night activity and a bonfire so you are out pretty late with the whole camp. You don't have much free time but when you do you usually worked in your journal or went outside with your cabin and just played games and hung out. It is a great part of my 7th grade year that I will never forget.  


Sports were a big part of my 7th grade year. I played volleyball, basketball, and was part of the track team. I think everyone should try and participate in at least one sport every year at the middle school. It's fun to be able to represent your school and sports while not being in school. I loved having home games and meets because more people could come and see the team's talent. Kenston girls' track, volleyball, and basketball teams had an amazing season and all 3 were CVC champions. This is a great way to show your skills through your school and just being able to have fun!

Survival Tips

  • Here Are Some Survival Tips For 7th Grade!     
  • Make sure you have paper and are ready to take notes for every class! These notes are great study tools for tests and quizzes.
  • Stay Organized! Make sure you keep all binders and papers in places you will remember so then you don't loose them when its time to turn them in or use them as references.
  • Study for all tests and quizzes and look on teacher's websites for study tools and test questions. Its always important to good on these no matter what!
  • Don't wait till the last minute to finish a project or homework!School can be stressful enough and having to do a project at the last minute is too! So try to get a head start!
  • Have fun because the exciting moments are the ones that you won't ever forget!
  • Be creative with projects! Teachers love when students are creative with their work it shows that you care about your grade and and shows your own personality. Plus, it's fun and adds extra point and personal value to your assignments!

My Precept

Excitement and fun are 2 necessary parts of school, sports, and everything else in life, without fun and excitement there is nothing to remember or look forward to.

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