Blinds vs Curtains: Pros and Cons

Aside from serving as decoration to enhance the aesthetic of the home, window treatments are also used for privacy and blocking the excessive natural light. There are different types of window treatments but the most common are the curtains and blinds. Below are the pros and cons of both blinds and curtains to help you choose the best window treatment you can use for your home.


Made of sheet of fabric, blinds are a kind of window treatment that is usually coated with blackout fabric to block the large amount of natural light to pass through the windowpane. It is usually attached to metal tube or wooden dowel.


-Due to its professional look, blinds are usually used in business offices and properties

-In terms of price, roller blinds in Singapore are less expensive compared to curtains

-There are different types, styles, colours, and designs of blinds to choose from

-While giving the homeowners the privacy that they needed, blinds can still let the light in

-By twisting the rod, the amount of light that will enter the room can be easily controlled

-With the use of duster, the blinds can be easily cleaned

-Wiping each blind slat can also be a way of cleaning the blinds especially when removing dust or debris

-For deeper cleaning, the materials can be removed and washed separately

-Blinds are perfect for homes which has limited spaces because its design can fit inside a window recess


-Though the cleaning process is simple, blinds should be cleaned weekly to monthly

-The process of installing the blinds is quite complicated that usually requires the help of professionals

-The dust, dirt, as well as debris are easily be attracted to the blinds that is why it should be avoided to be used in a home of people with severe allergies

-The non-fabric blinds are difficult to clean and cannot be removed easily

-While the blinds made from aluminium or wood can be easily damaged by water


Singapore curtains are made of fabric that is traditionally used as a window treatment for houses. It provides privacy and helps to block the sunlight and heat from the outside. It comes in varieties of texture, thickness, colours, and types of fabrics used.


-Installing curtains do not require the help of professional and often considered as a do-it-yourself project

-It is easy to cut down the curtains in case it overlaps on the edges of the window or if it is too long that it reaches the floor

-Compared to blinds, curtains have a wider range of patterns and colours

-Curtains can make the home warm especially during cold season

-Using curtains does not require frequent cleaning compared to blinds

-Curtains are more durable than blinds especially those which are machine operated


-Curtains are prone to stains and spills that are needed to be clean immediately

-Heavy curtains are needed to be washed in large washers or should be dry cleaned

-It allows light to pass through the house especially on its sides and central gap

-In heavy fabric curtains, fur and animal hair can be easily stick to it that makes the curtain difficult to clean

-Due to the space it can take up, curtains can make the house looks smaller