Have you ever thought about moving to modern day Iraq, or Mesopotamia? Well, let me tell you something that might convince you. Mesopotamia is in Iraq, sunny, warm but it was ruled by some of the first empires or the first city states. The first empire was ruled by king Sargon, they had cultures like farming, writing and religon.

They have rivers that is controlled by the irrigation system. Green lands called the fertile creasent. The River valley also has water that you can fish in and collect fish to eat. They write in a style called cuneiform. So you better learn it fast! They also have a lot of regions.

            They had laws like we do, but they were called Hammurabi's code. There is a war going on because of the fertile creasent. But there is a lot of cool artifacts there and they invented the wheel, plow and the irrigation system. Also the priest had more power than the king and queen! My last convincing thing is that they were the first civilaztion.

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