Opinion writing

  Did you know lockers are helpful to a lot of people? This problem matters a lot because if we didn’t have lockers a lot of coats and/or jackets would be lost. Grant school needs lockers.

Grant school needs lockers because coats and backpacks fall into the lunch bucket. You might not care if coats and backpacks fall into the lunch bucket but a lot of people do and so do I. It matters a lot because some kids lunch boxes have food that can be squashed and then after being squashed it can’t be eaten. If someone’s coat or jacket falls in the lunch bucket, and there is something special in their pocket and it falls out their parents might be really mad, sad, or really angry. If you find something that looks really special you need to find who it belongs to right away.

Also Grant needs lockers because a lot of people have been seeing jackets and coats every where. I heard Carson, Karma, Rhys, and Jimmy say we really need lockers. If you see things everywhere put the clothes/backpack in things put them in a lost and found area if your school has a lost and found place. Once at school I found a lot of jackets and coats lying around of the school play ground and I picked all of the coats and jackets up and put them in the lost and found area.

Lastly, Grant school needs lockers because the lockers will make all the classrooms organized. If the classrooms were more organized barely anything would get lost. You might not care if the classrooms weren’t organized but I really do. If a lot of things got lost at Grant school we would have barely any supplies.

You might be wondering where we will get the money for the lockers. We will get the money by having a lot more fundraisers. If we have more fundraisers we could raise money, and we could have the fundraiser on a warm day and it could be on the school playground. The fundraiser could have fun games, fake spray dying your hair, face painting, and football and soccer.

I really want to have lockers at Grant school. A lot of people think we need lockers at our school. Together we can raise money to get lockers at our school.

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