Isabella d'Este

Died at age 64

Nationality: Italian

Lived in: Ferrara, Italy

She had five siblings. She is the eldest of them all.

She had fair skin, long curly hair, beautiful eyes, tall, and average weight size.

She was cultured, graceful, fashionable, intelligent, proud, refined, and persistent.

She was a princess then a queen; her parents educated her.

Her accomplishments at age 16: Was capable of speaking fluently in Greek and Latin. She could play the lute, sing, dance, and debate with elders.

As she got older she ruled a city by herself.

La Bella Donna

Duchess of Parma

She impacts today's world by starting the exchange of artist's, poet's, and writer's work. Which we still do today by exchanging our ideas. She patronized and promoted these arts to thieve.

At Louvre Museum you can see her work. Also, there are some books out there that she has written.

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