12 One-liners That Will Drastically
Impact Your Marketing

- Blog Edition -

With 18.7 million bloggers online (Social Media Today), reading and writing blogs has become an essential part of everyday life. Among the most popular: personal, business and education blogs spark major interest in readers across the globe.

The one-liners below are suggestions to include in your next blog post to capture attention, engage readers and increase conversions.

Personal Blog

Travel, DIY, Health, Family, etc.

1. Have you subscribed to [blog name yet]? Share your email here.

Most blogs have a layover that appears when someone enters the site prompting the reader to subscribe to your posts. This is an easy way to directly increase your follower base.

2. Insight? Questions? Chat with me at [email or social media name].

Having a clear way for readers to contact you on your blog, such as an email or Twitter username, will create a stronger relationship between the both of you.

3. [Small caption pasted into picture on blog]

Any marketer knows that photos are what really captures attention. Create a clever one-liner to paste into your photo to instantly catch the reader's attention.

4. New blog post. Give me some love!

Ask for what you want! Encourage your readers to comment on your posts, and don't forget to respond to what they are saying.

Business Blog

Small Business, Corporation, Startup

1. Announcing our newest product: [PRODUCT]

A great way to utilize a business blog is to announce new products or features that your business is launching. Use a simple one-liner that will spark the reader's interest and get them to click.

2. Did you know [company] has been [who you're working with/what you're doing]?

Take the time to share charity or philanthropy work that your company does. Readers and customers are interested in a company's social responsibility.

3. [Company] presents: [guest writer, title]

A big part of any blog's success is guest posts. Keep your reader interested with fresh content from different perspectives such as past clients or current partners.

4. [Company] wants to chat. Any feedback for us?

Many businesses use their blog to answer customer questions. Increasing engagement on your blog gives you the opportunity to subliminally brand and promote yourself while actually conversing with your customers.

Education Blog

Teacher, Administrator, Advisor, Professor

1. Conference Roundup - my [day(s),week(s)] at [conference].

Be proud of your experiences at an education conference and tell your readers all about it. Many of your readers are educators that are looking for opportunities to connect with new education platforms and trends.

2. Has anyone tried using [platform, lesson plan, etc.]?

Reviews of different activities or lesson plans that educators can use in the classroom will not only be a great read, but it will boost engagement on your site.

3. Student post on [learning experience: student first name, grade].

Guest posts from your students will definitely grab your reader's attention. He or she wants to know how and what your students are learning.

4. Here are my favorite EdTech tools

With so much technology in the education space, write about some of your favorites to separate the good from the bad. Add the list in your blog and ask readers to add their favorites.

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What are some of your favorite one-liners?